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Thread: Sadistik and Tech!!

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    Sadistik and Tech!!

    Ive been listeing to Sadistik, and I gotta say he is pretty dope and i think he will make a good collab with Tecca Nina!! I think he can keep up lyrcally and flow wiseWhat you all think??

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    it would b dope. kinda different s. but would b sik as fuck. throw slug in there and it would make it perrrfect...well actually....eyedea would b perfect collab for tech...BUT RIP EYEDEA! damn now im all sad and shit haha

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    Yeah i know huh, well compare techs to wayne's
    only thing is Sadistik is better than wayne i think!! lol

    and slug is pretty dope too, and Yeah R.I.P EYEDEA his music will be remembered

    i heard that Sadistik opened up for Tech at a show i think

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    Never heard of him until this thread, but i agree. He is one of the best lyricists ive ever heard!

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    Yeah, well im glad you got to hear him because of me, that dude deserves alott

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