i do my lyricals the same way every time i do em to get done
like fluid miracles they take the shape of whatever their thought of from
rather i'm happy or pissed excited or proud
haters try to trap me they missed dont deny me so loud
you can turn me down but dont make it so public
jews didn't burn you clowns incinerated them and rated it lovely
sick and infected your minds you should be raped and forgotten
dick can be inspected so we know your anal gape will be rotten
cause we all know that in the pen you the one thats minority
but your own kind wont respect you or give you any authority
theres nothing worse in my eyes than a half ass racist
whos scared to admit that hes that on top of that hes a rapist
five girls all claimed that he forced them to do shit with his cock
but the charges were dropped because he interned as a cop
well not exactly he was a "special force deputy" fam
helped solve a couple cases then chased after me man
they plead insanity but yo back to that night when he was chasing
i had a big head start and i was running my race when
i saw a blanket that belonged to a girl that was abused
which finally sank in when i saw it a week later on the news
so they knew that he did it from the report that i gave em
two months before they got me on my felonies and laid him
in a pretty white room with a pretty white coat
now hes protected from my section crosby checking his throat