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Thread: We Do It Right

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    We Do It Right

    This track off the Strange Days disc...the upbeat sound, premise, the KC shout during the hook...this song would've fit perfectly on TGMP. Could've replaced that "Too Many Girls" track. That shit is downright annoying, particularly Sundae's verse (and I'm not against her, but that verse).

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    To be honest I liked Too Many Girls too, because of the bassline it has, it's a typical track to be bumped in the trunk. I haven't really listened to it at home though. We Do It Right is cool too.

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    We Do It Right was a straight banger and Irv's verse was just phenomenal, no pun intended ha! I also feel Too Many Girls though, something about a raw ass female getting up on the mic and spitting about some lesbianic endeavors leaves me stoked on the rest of the track. Both are great, if anything they could have left TGMP the way it is and just added We Do It Right. But it was also one of the highlights of Strange Days so I think it's cool right where it's at.

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    if i remember correctly, We Do It Right was made during the Sickology 101 recording sessions but didnt make the album. And i think Too Many Girls was sick minus Sundae's verse, everything I hear from her makes me wanna fast forward

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    Too Many Girls might've been a suitable replacement for What's Your Temp? on K.O.D., if only because of the psuedo dark sound. However, if you wanna talk sound (and content), then Temp/B-Boy kinda had to go back-to-back (i.e. Drill Team/Beat You Up off Killer).And if We Do It Right is Sick 101 era then yea, that wouldn't have been a good fit on that album.

    I swear, one could take Sick 101, K.O.D., and TGMP, and you could easily make like 3 different themed mixes using songs from each of them.

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    Too Many Girls is top 5 on TGMP to me!

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