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Thread: what you think of this?? negative feedback welcomed...

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    what you think of this?? negative feedback welcomed...


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    Each video u post u get a bit better, but i still think u should work on the flow a lil more before u try to rap fast because its still unclear what ur sayin. Maybe try rappin about somethin in your life that impacted u in a big way for example like if u were picked on growin up or a loved one that died or a seripus relationship u were in or something, ya know what im sayin? Most rappers n im talkin 95% are at their best when writing about a sensative subject to them for example kutty i think he was at his best on somethings gotta give and callin my name

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    Actually bro i really like this! I dont think your trying to push shit out fast like i have seen before. Your a god rapper and have good flow. A lot of the times you try to push shit out and it sounds slurred because your trying to rap really fast. keep it up though bro! I really like this track and you should do a lot more like that!!


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    Fuckin VBL man!!!Jus millimeter spittin rippin it n shit!!!Keep it up man!!

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    nice, this flow suits you better, keep it up.

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    wtf is up with the glove's you goin mountain biking later dude?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bronze Lain

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    it was better and actually kinda catchy, just work on the slurs, keep in mind that you don't have to go fast on every song, and also try to switch up the subjects

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    you look like LaMichael James from the oregon ducks lol

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    You Need a Shirt

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