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Thread: Cognito no longer w/ Strange????

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    Cognito no longer w/ Strange????

    <span Mike Mosley: Well what I'm doing right now is I have a artist by the name of D Buck.
    He's like [more of a R&amp;B and] Pop artist - what fits radio format
    right now. And I just had Cognito. We had him signed. He was one of my
    artists we had got signed over there to Strange Music. He's no longer
    there, but he did one album over there and now he's dropped.

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    Senior Member TechNette's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Damn that's crazy.

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    Senior Member F.T.I.'s Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Really hoping this isn't true.

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    Senior Member Se7en01's Avatar
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    wow....not happy about that. I hope he gets up on this thread and kinda tells us how/why it went down.

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    That sucks. Strange almost sounds like a regular record label now. Sigining and dropping. I'm interested to see what comes of their work together.

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    . gay. i realy like cognito

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    I Tweeted him as well. If this is true, I'll be kind of salty cuz I kind of liked him, but at the same time he was probably my LEAST favorite on the label, which isn't bad considering Strange is a label of heavy hitters. It's just business, he prolly didn't move many units. The promotion for his album was almost non-existent. I hope they at least give him one more album.

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    Considering that Automatic or Lynch's DAAM was strange's best release of the year (in terms of quality) , this is shocking. I still cant decide between the two though. Cognito might not have been a HUGE strange music favorite, but he put in his work and did what he had to do. It is what it is.

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    I messaged him.

    Quote Originally Posted by steven crow
    i tweeted him

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Can someone send him a meessage? I tried but my twitter and facebook accounts are fucked up.

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