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Thread: National Exposure **attn rappers, singers, an other artists**

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    National Exposure **attn rappers, singers, an other artists**

    Hey whats up, im doing a project called National exposure, basically the concept is me on tracks with artists from around the US, LA to New York, Anchorage to houston and more to get on the same album. Its called National Exposure, im already on reverbnation trying to recruit some artists for the project but if your a rapper or singer and would like to participate on this album just let me know, and to make sure you wanna collab with me as well i cans end ya some tracks by email ifyou would like just hit me up if you are interested. Im trying to do around 14 or 15 tracks with artists around the US to put each regions on the project to bring about amore collective sound, again Thank you for your time today have a great day.

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    send me something...

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    You should post some samples of your work on here. I'd love to hear more about this project.

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    I'll do a verse for you bro, im from Illinois near Chicago

    I'm the first verse!

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