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Thread: Fellow Technicians please here me out...

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    Fellow Technicians please here me out...

    Hey guys my name is Steve, I just joined these board in hopes of getting a message and some questions across.

    First off I wanted to start by saying that I am a proud technician and have been so since A.P. also a huge fan of hip hop in general.

    However there is something that I feel sets me apart from most Technicians. I am openly gay. I knew who I was from a very early age and also found my love for rap before I hit grade school. As you know hip-hop is not kind on the gay community at all. The word "faggot" graces many rhymes these days and my community is hated on day in and out in my favorite genre. It is my dream to release an album one day and as you can imagine my sexual orientation is holding me back.

    For many years I stayed in the closet and hid who I was and when I found tech n9ne and what being a technician meant I decided it was time to stop lying and be true to myself and fuck what anybody has to say about it. Tech taught me that being different is o.. and as long as you preach love through your life nothing is wrong with being who you are. I still find however that I am not wholly accepted in the rap community, every time I go to a strange music concert I cover up my pride flag tattoo and don't mention anything about my sexuality. I lie if asked about the opposite sex and pretend to be something I am not. This makes because Strange is such a HUGE part of my life and I feel I can't even be who I am around my fellow technicians. I saw a video recently on a interview with Tech and he said that he accepts my people and "you can't help who you love" this made me so happy to know my idol would be proud to call me a fan no matter who I am, but as I look over these message boards and hear what people are saying at concerts it seems that my technician family is not as accepting.

    I am going to my very first VIP tech show in March in denver and I am bringing my boyfriend with me. With me it is not very obvious I am gay at first glance, but with boyfriend it is HIGHLY apparent. Now I am in no way skipping the show just because of that but I don't wanted to be hated on or possibly even hurt because of who I love. I just want to be who I am and enjoy the music I love with the man I love just as much if not more.

    My question for you guys is so you accept me? If you saw me and my BF at a concert would you hate and diss on us or accept us? Should I be afraid to show my true self at a Tech show? Should I pursue my dream as a hip-hop artist?

    I want you to know that being gay is NOT a choice. Like I said I knew who I was VERY early. it is how I was born and just want all aspects of my life to embrace each other. Tech and my orientation.

    I know this will inspire some possible hateful comments but I would just like to know that there are other Technicians out there who accept me for who I am and are proud to have me in the tech family.

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    First of all. I'm okay with you being gay, as long as guys don't hit on me i don't mind one bit. I do however want to point out maybe 5 percent of Tech N9nes fans actually declare themselves Technicians. I'm a big Tech N9ne fan, but Technician? i am not.

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    Yea I here ya thanks man. And bout the technician thing its just a thing I like to call myself not really label or nothing. But I appreciate your reply

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    Wow I just had a huge reply I was going to send to you and my computor fucked up out of no where! now I don't feel like typin' all that shit again and am more focused on destroying this piece of shit hp!!!! god damn, my response was almost as long as what you typed in the first place. but anyway, I'm openly accepting of other people and I would honestly look at you a couple times thinkin' "what da fuq are those typuh people doin' here?" lol But I would quickly forget because I'm at a fucking tech n9ne show that I payed good money to go see and I wanna just fuckin' go crazy over the fact that I get to rap the guys lyrics along with him! lol However there are some douche bags who hate thier lives and everything around them but enjoy the fucked up music tech makes but as soon as they see a gay person they wanna beat them up because of thier shallow hatred that makes them feel empowered to downgrade someone else. Take that into consideration but remember it's just my assumption. I've only been to one show in the past but pretty much the only thing I remember in general was rockin' out and havin' a kickass time. well wouldguh look at that! I still ended up givin' you a long as reply. lol

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    Bad idea to bring this up on this forum with the amount of trolls and assholes we have here...

    That being said, I, personally, am totally fine with gay people as long as they don't try to make moves on me lol, I support gay rights etc etc.

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    no one cares... if you dont bring it up

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    I have no problem with anybody of any sexuality, but what are you going to literally be doing for people to notice right away that you're gay? lol. Nobody will know dude. Chill.

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    Look dude I do not care that you're gay and I agree with Sikez about no one would even know unless you were like damn Tech sounded sexy in that song or Something like that as long as you don't assert your beliefs on a site where to know you're gonna be ridiculed you're fine. No one cares. That being said you gotta realize that Faggot rhymes with a lot of words so it just easy to use. Lol

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    technicians are corny i agree with chief. as long as you are cool nobodys going to hate you....shit im from denver and theres a huge gay community. and the new definiton of faggot is douchebag not a homosexual

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    You're not the only one, I'm openly gay as well, and I'm starting to get my boyfriend into Tech N9ne. I definitely plan on taking him with me when I go to the next Tech concert and don't give a fuck who says what. As cliche as it is, someone will always hate you for something, never let other people's ignorance get in the way of enjoying yourself whether it's at a concert, restaurant, store, sidewalk, etc. And as far as the whole faggot thing goes guys, just because there's a new connotation to the word, doesn't change it's origins. It still implies that gay or faggot is a negative term "Ohh, that's gay" isn't necessarily meant to directly put down homosexuals but by using a word that is commonly used to describe a homosexual as an insult, you can see what it would upset some. If people said "Quit being a nigger" and then said "Ohh nahh dude, I meant nigger as in douchebag and not ignorant black person" I don't think that excuse would go over so well (not to bash Delusional or anything, or to say that people still don't use the word nigger for reasons other than to put black people down). Now, I've thickened my skin to the word faggot, no matter it's use, although I do encourage people to broaden their vocabulary to find a better adjective than gay, or retarded, etc. Not that I'm not guilty of letting it slip sometimes.

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