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Thread: Kutt Calhoun Blog: Kutt Calhoun: 2010 Strange Music MVP [Editorial]

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    Kutt Calhoun Blog: Kutt Calhoun: 2010 Strange Music MVP [Editorial]

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    Damn right. Keep grindin kutty

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Hugely underrated by both the music industry and Strange fans. He deserves much more respect than he gets. If he puts out one more album of the same calibur as his last ones, hell be a legend in my book and will rank in my G.O.A.T. list.

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    yeah man i hate how he seems to be shunned outta stragne spotlight. hes better than krizz, scoob, cognito, jayrock, and he even tops tech in alotta tracks. ive always felt kutt more than most and he is by far a heavyweight in the midwest. i think if he wasnt on strange and outshined by tech hed have an oppourtunity to battle it out with him hahaha thatd be nuts bc i know theyre good buddys and what not but still...underrated

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    It's Bloody Kutty motha fucka you know now!

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    its not that hes cooler with him. kutts just a rapper. kali sings and is money on any chorus. which was always perfect for someone like tech especially when he was starting off cuz he needed some variety on his hooks

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason "Goliath" Cook
    Yeah to me it seems tech is cooler with kaliko for some reason they do more songs together. Kutt cal is a bit underrated and hopefully he will also be on the bad season mixtape.

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    hella kutty cal is fresh and hugely underrated.

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    I think it's only the discretion of his name. Krizz has the famous "Kali Baby"... Tech, and his famous, "Tech N9999999ne", Kutt is Kutt, and I sincerely believe this is why he might not get the recognition. Cuz it shooo aint a lack of talent. You are appreciated Kutt.

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    This def makes sense. He ain't my favorite on Strange, but he's easily better than Scoob and POSSIBLY better than Cog in some cases

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