Man I be tearin up this gamePanties hit the floor when I come in the door maneYour baby girls givin you reasons to envy me, what a shameThe stories she tells speak the reasons of my fameEven her friends got the chance to moan my nameScreaming Dehno right before they all cameBeatin it up so bad their pussys start to flameHa, youll never compare to how I bust this frameNow this beast comin at you cant be tamedMy flow will end all this shit you sayin, yall lameDreams you speak of wanting before yo endOnly eighteen and Ive done all of themMy lifes roadblocks and their friendsAll got the opportunity to catch da spit from my glock tenThe way that brought me to the top, wasnt a sinJust chopped down goons and filled money cups to the brimI have so much power that your lights go dimThe shit I smoke you would pay eighty a stemThe girls around me make all yall bitches look like menFill em up so much they cough it up like flemNow I bet your rap feels like a disasterYour hearts most likely beatin faster And suddenly you realize Im your masterDisobey me and I become a bullet casterOne slip up and I pull out the chopper and blast herKillin you, I wouldnt put it past herWait, you wanna know how itd goWell youd be face first with yo nose on the floThe light shining on your dome would make my barrel glowThe forty-five is anxious and ready to blowCartridge flies letting yo brains showEmpty some rounds in yo homies and dip out the doeGo to yo girls house and have her beg for moeNow you see how this life aint shit to meDont have wants when everything you want is freeAnd the only thing I need Ive grown to the size of an oak treeEvery evening I spend time in the codine seaPoppin that xanny, that thizz, even that ocBest friends with anything over forty mgShort tempered, thats why all these posers fleeOnly thing keeping me cool is the herbs in my teaGet in my way Ill blast you down to your kneesRespects to your mama, this the way its gotta beMan you cant control me, Im just a mind full of insanity