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Thread: Who in mainstream, needs to be on the mixtape.

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    Who in mainstream, needs to be on the mixtape.

    Besides eminem an lil wayne, they gotta take they time wit that track. I personaly have really been waiting for Busta Bust to bust wit Tech; an i think niki minaj would sound good wit them. but who an what do ya'll think ...or know...

    so far we got,

    jay rock
    too short
    maybe llyod banks

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    even though he aint really mainstream yet, i think J.Cole would be great

    tech should do a track with em for the album,

    nicki minaj?, hell naw

    hmmm...maybe curtis young (dr.dre's son), the game....anyone really

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    really lil wayne??? haha.. too short would be sick on the mixtape he keeps it true and original thats my personal opion... oh and of course E-40 is always dope on any track..

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    I'd like to hear 50 and Tech do some gangster shit

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    da ones that u mentioned except nicki and including 50...some shit with outcast would b dope too

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    2.royce da 5 9
    3.crooked i

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    are we talking about bad season mixtape or other cds he coming out with.

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