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Thread: what gets you drunk-er carabou lous? or kc teas?

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    what gets you drunk-er carabou lous? or kc teas?

    so im having a part and i wanna know what i should make. which gets you drunker faster? dumb question i know but would realy appreashimate the answers.

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    caribou of course it has 151 proof rum in it.

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    carabou def..... kc tea is somthin u sip on and slowly get drunk

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    CARIBOU LOU!!!!!!!

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    yeah i just found out last night haha. damn ive never been so fucked up before

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    caribou and taste better

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    so on this topic..the first time my friends made caribou lou we fucked up and put a half bottle of 151 and a half bottle of malibu rum and life 16-24 oz of pinappe have to say we were fucked up lol. we did that for a week straight everyday while drinkin jagar bombs and wine and vodka and cranberry juice lol..i dont remember my senior trip at all..all i know is i was hellla fucked up..

    but yeah caribou lou definitely gets me more fucked up

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