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Thread: Becoming A Huge Tech Fan As Each Day Goes By...

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    Becoming A Huge Tech Fan As Each Day Goes By...

    Wassup, I Never Introduced Myself,

    My Name Is Chris, ---- Master C ----

    For As Long As I Remember I Have Known About Tech N9ne, but i never Actually Started Listening To Him..I Dont Understand Why I Didnt....Since Im A Huge Fan Of Pac I Got To Hear Tech, Since He Recorded A Verse For An Unreleased Remix, ''Thugs Get Lonely Too'', that mix was made back in the late 90's so for the last couple of years ive heard it & i thought tech was brilliant, but i didnt bother to actually check up on tech

    So A Couple Months Back I Heard OG & it made me remember tech, so i decided to go & listen to more tracks..........i ended up staying up for 48 hours checking every one of his albums...after i got some sleep lol, i went & bought every one of the albums,

    as i listened to each album i heard tech mature & evolve as an artist, getting better & better each time (i dont understand how he did that since he was so dope since the start), soon after getting into tech i started getting intrested in Krizz Kaliko's Music, He & Tech Are A Deadly Combination, i love hearing them together on tracks cause kaliko really makes the tracks so dope with his hooks...perfect

    i suddenly found myself listening to tech's music more & more...& now i listen to his music everyday

    my favorite side of tech is the darker stuff...but everything is dope....i love his <em>''i dont care what you think of me''</em> side on alot of tracks, it really gives a good feeling

    As Time Goes On Im Really Becoming A Huge Tech Fan, I Also Got My Bestfriend &amp; My Family Listening to tech &amp; they actually love his music &amp; my lil bro loves kalikos music

    I Decided To Make This Thread To Really Say Wassup To Ya'll Here, I Really Enjoy The Forum, there is alot of intresting threads ,Ive Been Posting Here &amp; There but im gonna try &amp; post more soon

    Hopefully You Read All That, Peace Ya'll

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    Welcome to the club, breh. Looking forward to seeing your VIP meet-and-greet pics with Tech online when the next tour rolls around lol

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    What's good master c. I'm jordan but you can call me swarm. Welcome to this motherfucka, hope you like hip hop as much as we do!!

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    thanks guys,

    & yeah man, im a Huge Hip Hop Fan....Real Hip Hop

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    Music spreads like a virus man everyday there's more and more STRANGE fans

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    hell yeah, my friends who i never would imagine would like the music are in love with it!!

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