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    Hey HEY! what up site? first post and I want to say what up to all the fans of this gifted artist and all the artists @ strange. You gotta love some real ass rappers that make their own way and don't eat shit from labels the way most other artists do. Great job getting, and keeping, yours. But enough Dick ridin. I got some questions about some of your music Tech. Hope you get the chance to answer.

    I guess I should start at what was the beginning for me. I started listening in 2006 or so and I haven't looked back. The first album I actually bought was Absolute power. Fucking great album. Best I heard in a while. Was it hard to get those points across in that album? Are the industry really bitches like that? I mean did you have trouble with keepin on and shit? Were ppl really talking all that shit? WTF? And what did/can you do in the face of all that? Loved slacker, loved keepin on (obviously), loved imma tell (the shit), and gunz will bust was nice.
    The next one I got was sickology 101. That one was fresh as hell. choppers, ghetto love, pouring drinks, getting into clubs, partying, and of course Boobs with areolas. Fucking sweet shit. But again mad songs about how the industry in punks ( realized i used a title from AP). Why do this if it's such a pain in the ass and a hit to the old ego? Do you love making music THAT much? If so, why? I'm guessing you have plenty to retire and all that. But you're still making hits that just keep getting better and better. K.O.D. was awesome. You finally gave all those haters that said you were the devil something real to talk about. I love how they go buy your shit so they can trash it. Knowing full well they just gave you $20. It's idiocy, but fucking great that you get the pay off for their dumb asses. Good for you. About KOD, was the title track a metaphor for the US government or a plan for ruling the world? I gotta say it seems to me (and maybe I'm reading into this 2 much or whatever) that you have something to say about how citizens of the world are being treated by corrupt governments and you want to do something aobut it. It's also interesting that you made youself out to be this omnipotent, polerizing figure that will untie the world and Congress seems to think they ARE that body. Cool. But let me know if I'm reading int o this 2 much. lol
    Thanks for reading and Keep on Keepin on homie!!


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    Oops......Unite the world*

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