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Thread: Tech N9ne Is the Best Rapper Alive

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    Tech N9ne Is the Best Rapper Alive

    Words can't even explain my love for tech. Ever since I was young I've been listening to him. My sister first introduced me to him and the first song I heard was Imma Tell and I would listen to it everyday on the way to school. Then I started downloading all his music from itunes and got hooked. I have like an obsession with his music and the most exciting days are when he drops a new album. I have all his songs on my ipod and everyone knows me for loving tech. Anytime anyone gets into my car, tech n9ne is ALWAYS on my ipod blaring through my speakers. I had been dying to go to one of his concerts, and I live in Kearney, Nebraska. My first tech n9ne concert my friends and I decided to just go to colorado and not tell our parents we were going so we lied about staying somewhere else and we were gonna roadtrip and everything in one night (I was 15 at the time). Then we got caught nd our parents made us leave immediately so I was sooo bummed. Then my actual first tech concert was this year at the pershing center in was undescribable. He rocked the stage and blew me away. He has such great charisma on stage it was just amazing. One of my dreams was to just see tech n9ne in person, and I got to do that so I felt amazing. Mostly every song gave me the chills that he performed but the one that got me the most was Come Gangster because it got dark and quiet and tech got on a throne up on a bunch of boxes and it looked so awesome and the sound was great. I mean i go crazy over the sound of his music from my ipod, but the sound of tech live is 5 million times better. It was like complete euphoria for me to hear his voice. I personally think tech is the best rapper alive. His music talks about so much life experiences and it tells a story unlike many other rappers. One of my favorite songs of my friends and I is leave me alone...whenever I'm in a down mood thats what im jammin to. The most amazing thing for me would be to have an actual conversation with tech..I wish I could afford a VIP pass but I could barely even afford the ticket itself. But I'd be willing to do anything to just have a conversation with tech. I would love him to know how much passion I have for his music and how much he has taught me to absolutely LOVE music. I sometimes get weird euphoric feelings just on my way to school listening to his music. One person I knew was sayin I dont like that tech n9ne cause he's a devil worshiper and I got so mad and bursted during and i was like "Well you must not even know his music then because there isn't one song where he says he worships the devil, learn your shit, then give your input." I ended up getting in trouble but it was for a good cause so I dont give a fuck haha. Anyways I would just like to say Tech, I love you, your my favorite rapper always have been always will be, I would love for you to keep comin out with new dope shit, it'd be sweet if you could come back to Nebraska sometime during the spring or something, and hopefully I'll get to see alot of your shows this upcoming summer. Mad love tech keep being successfull and I wish you the best with your life and I hope you keep makin your way to the top. Your Crazy in love fan, Christina

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    hes the best, but he could be better

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    There is always room for improvement, but I think the only way he could get better than he already is is to just keep droppin more albums.

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    did you actualy read all that?

    Quote Originally Posted by brandon jesus grill
    hes the best, but he could be better

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    i like cheeseburgers!

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    This Is The Most Pointless Thread Ever

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    Then dont read it dumbass

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    sorry, couldn't help myself

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    Well there you go, I'm not lookin for haters, just expressin my love for tech.

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    Apparently there are ALOT of words to explain
    it lol

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