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Thread: yet more negative feedback from tech fans

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    yet more negative feedback from tech fans

    this shit is really gettin' old. this made me think of that thanksgiving interview with tech. this is from hopsin's facebook...

    the table, not labels.

    Dylan Kantor Hey u gtta admit tech does waaaaaay more for his fans then most...@ least
    he used...seems like he cant get his mouth off lil waynes dick long
    enough nowwtf is goin' on!!! i miss the old days when tech's people loved him. but now they wanna be a bunch of homo hairstylists sayin' his red hair is him, and not his haircuts nowadays, are ya'll really that fuckin' gay? u sound like a bunch of queer eyes for the straight guys. and then u bitches started gettin' all butt hurt that his music was to light and that u wanna be depressed and cut your wrists to tech's pain and how u have no light in your life, try livin' in a 3rd world country and then i dare u to say u have no light in your life, we all do, including tech. and mr dylan kantor, tech ain't suckin' anyone's dick like he said, and how many times has he even mentioned wayne, i've heard wayne's name recently in his interviews, but all he's mentioned is that wayne's a cool ass dude and their gonna do a track together. he wants to say that in every interview so every source that interviews him can share it to their part of the world. it's too spread the word, not too suck someone's dick.had to get those words out cuz as a fan of tech, it's bullshit to see u mothafucka's hatin' so hard. don't hate, appreciate or congratulate, however the fuck u wanna say it lol, just shut the fuck up already.

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    check the other 1 that says that ull see the real fans on that bitch

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    lol i knew their would be, there's always someone who will have tech's back, i ain't sayin' theirs not real fans, just miss the old days when their was more

    Quote Originally Posted by Doe Boy
    check the other 1 that says that ull see the real fans on that bitch

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    i've pretty much given up on society, these people get dumber day by day. 2012, here we come.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    Peoples ignorance is funny. I was looking at the lyrics for Welcome To The Midwest earlier and someone wrote a comment saying that this song was develish and demonic. These dumbasses just say shit that theyve heard others say. People are too stupid and sheepish to think for themselves nowadays.

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    Fuckem tech......mainstream loves him now

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    ya multiple people are calling tech a sellout on that post. i imput my opinion tho lol

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    ive been snappin about that shit for a while now. i really tired of the negative bullshit. i get constructive criticism and giving opinions but damn. people i mean his FANS are takin it to a whole new level. i love tech for him no matter what he does cause i know he isnt changin to satisfy someone else. he didnt do it before and he wouldnt do it now. but im definitely done with the bullshit.

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    fuck all them tech haters. He spits fire, listen to his lyrics. Who cares who he makes music with, real tech fans should appreciate his shit. His job is to make music and thats what he does. Like tech said I ain't going mainstream, mainstream is going me. Other people want to make music with him cause they see what kind of fan base he has and he is fuckin talented in this music shit and they want his talents hoping that he will make them money too.

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    On a side note, "Leave Me Alone" just hit 1 million views the other night. CRAZY SHIT.

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