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Thread: Strange mixtapes?

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    Strange mixtapes?

    besides flamez, bad seasons, and the recent smash and grab, SM dosent have any offical mixtapes, and I think they should put more out.

    what yall think.

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    Actually, Strange didn't have anything to do with Flamez. Kutt put that out entirely on his own. He had given it to them to put out, but they sat on it forever. It was around the time when the industry was "going after Mixtapes" for copyright purposes and such. So, Kutt put it out on his own dime.

    Did you forget the Jay Rock, Big Scoob and Ces Cru mixtapes that carried Strange Music branding?

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    i love what they put out and wouldn't change their plus i love their creativity and not having to use other's /beat. If anything i'd love to hear some christmas remakes and The Police remake of Roxanne well because it's my name lol and i was born next to christmas so those would be killer and i would die happy to hear Strange do those.

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    You might want to do some more research.

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