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Thread: I Need Some Help!!!!

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    I Need Some Help!!!!

    Yo Tech,well i ordered a few T-Shirts from the strange music store and i thought i got XL on the Black OG T-shirt but when i got my receipt in my e-mail,i noticed it was a Medium!!Can i get that changed to an XL?Because Medium is hella small for me and i wanna rock that shirt for the Winter Shows Concert.

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    yea check your email and they'll have the customer support email address, email them with your issue and order number and they'll fix it quick like. i was high fucked up on my address, got an email the next day that it was fixed with the new receipt.

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    Thanks for your help man!I was trippin on dat shit,I contacted the Customer Support yesterday but still no e-mail.

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    Is ur name seriously lil crunk??

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    Haha Na dawg that be my nick name!That would be hella dope though.

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