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Thread: Best (Underground) Rap Album of 2010?

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    Best (Underground) Rap Album of 2010?

    I am trying to determine, in my own opinion, what the best rap cd of 2010 has been.

    I applied a few rules, no eps, no live discs, only 1 entry per artist.

    It is a huge undertaking if I am to review every rap album, so I am being sort of selective.

    I started with Strange and Psychopathic,other underground rappers, then more mainstream rappers.

    But I dont care for Drake, Wayne, etc. But in order to be impartial I will give their releases a listen.

    Here is the list I have made.

    Dinner and a Movie - Brotha Lynch Hung

    Gates Mixed Plate - Tech

    Shock Treatment - Krizz Kaliko

    Raw & UnKutt - Kutt Kalhoun

    Automatic - Cognito

    Heartbroken & Homicidal - Twiztid

    Gang Rags - Blaze ya Dead Homie

    South of Hell - Boondox

    Medicine Bag - Anybody Killa

    Suspended Animation - Esham

    Xerxes The God King - King Gordy

    Raw - Hopsin

    Die - Necro

    mc chris goes to hell - mc chris

    FREE - Irv the Phenom

    Recovery - Eminem

    Battle of the Sexes - Ludacris

    The Perfect Storm - Twista

    Shlumpulicious the Jester - First Degree the DE

    Uni5 - Bone Thugs and Harmony

    Plastic Beach - Gorillaz

    Truth Rising - hed PE

    Flockavelli - Wacka Flocka Flame

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

    Thank Me Later - Drake

    I think Kanye and Drake should be considered R&B, and Im looking for best Rap disc.

    But Ill check em out, just for comparison. And even though they are also metal, I added Hed pe.

    What I want to do is rate every album 1-10 and arrange them in the top 5.

    I havent listened to them all extensively yet, but I do have a top 5 so far.

    If you want to join in, just bump each album at least once and try to be objective.

    If you have any albums to add to the list feel free to suggest them.

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    raw n unkutt or ollie gates fuck anyone who didnt like it

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    Heartbroken & Homicidal
    those are my favorites (no order)

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    I'ld like to add Canibus' Melantonin Magik album

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    bang pow boom nuclear edition

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    I dont count Bang Pow Boom since its a rerelease.

    Ill check out Canibus.
    And so far my top 4 are...

    Dinner and a Movie
    Heartbroken and Homicidal

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    My Top from this year, in no particular order

    Raw And Unkutt
    Dinner And a Movie
    Good Times & Bad Advice (Big B) I loved every song on this album. Use to think Big B was whack, but i like his new sound.
    Truth Rising

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    Hopsin - RAW

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    hopsin raw or Cognito Automatic love both of those albums

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