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    Full Circle

    As news of Tech and Lil Wayne possibly teaming up to do some songs, Tech maybe being on the "Carter 4" and Wayne being on a song on one of Tech's future album and with Tech tweeting about talking with other "mainstream" rappers I've noticed a mixed reaction with Tech's fans. I've read forms about how fans are excited for him to finally be able to showcase his talents to the masses and to get the respect from his peers after all this time. On the flip side there are those who are dead set against Tech going "mainstream" the typical reaction I've read is "Tech is selling out!" "Fuck lil wayne" "Tech why do you wanna work with Wayne...he sucks" the list goes on as well, as the lack of reasoning why they don't want him to do big things. I've been a Tech Fan for about 5 years, I got into his music right about the time "Everready" was about to be released, and ever since then I've always wanted him to work with big time rappers and get the out into the mainstream, what's wrong with that? I feel people who are strongly apposed to this are fearful Tech's sound will become watered down and he will follow what everyone else is doing musically. Why would he do that? He's worked so hard to be so different and yes, it has taken him a long time to get the credit we all know he deserves, but he's finally getting it! Why would he suddenly change his ? I believe he once he is finally in the mainstream he will even work harder to keep it STRANGE! I firmly believe everything has come full circle for Tech, starting with "Calm before the storm" he found listeners and with everyone album more and more people started finding him as did many other artists. Just look, "Anghelic" no big names he teamed up with.. "Absolute Power" D-12 was on a track... "Everready" E-40, "Killer" Shawnna, Ice Cube! Scarface! and you can name the other artist from the albums after "Killer" Now it's at the point where the biggest names in rap are wanting to team with Tech! It's been building since day one! I'm sure Tech fans for many of years would agree. So I leave you with this: Its come full circle for Tech, what's wrong with him finally breaking into the mainstream music world? I say it's about time!

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    yes, what's wrong with it? He's going to out do them all anyway aaha

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