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Thread: Yelawolf should be added to Snoop/Tech tour in 2011.

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    Yelawolf should be added to Snoop/Tech tour in 2011.

    who do you think should be the other acts?

    its already gonna be a sick tour.

    but adding another fast hype guy like yelawolf just would be crazy.

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    I think it would be dope. I also wouldn't mind gettin Cognito out on the road again.

    I thought I heard a rumor somewhere that Lil' Wayne might go on the tour with Tech & Snoop?

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    Cognito and Potluck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiven Desai
    Cognito and Potluck.

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    Agree 100%. Yelawolf on this tour would be great for both him and the tour itself.

    I think Potluck and Cognito would make for a great way to round out the tour. That said, who knows what Cog will be doing by then, and y'all know Jay Rock will end up on it.

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    When was this tour announced?

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    Through out the Independent Grind Tour. Tech said it while he was on stage.....I jus wanna say, right when the collab was confirmed I knew people were gonna be like.."Yelawolf should go on tour with Tech.." Cause that always happens. I've said before...I'm not that big of a Snoop Dogg fan, so I don't really care that they're doin a tour. Yelawolf added on to that would be cool though I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by STARKILLER
    When was this tour announced?

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    Cognito always throws it down on stage and I would love to have the opportunity to see Jay Rock perform live.

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    Someone Jump on stage during the Snoop Set, Like this.

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