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Thread: Tech collabing with Kanye

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    Tech collabing with Kanye

    for anybody that saw tech's twitter you knew this post was coming. i personally think that tech and kanye collab would be sick. kanye isn't that bad a rapper. dark fantasy was tight as was so appalled(jay z's verse i thought was kind of whack towards the end though),power and gorgeous. i'm not a fan of rick ross or nicki minaj so i wasn't feeling monster that much anyways.. what do you guys think about a possible collab?

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    Kanye has a good flow
    and good lyrics.
    just a bad atiitude
    would be a GOOD collabo

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    I love Kaynes attitude. He has that *I dont give a fuck* attitude and says wtf he wants but yet people say hes a asshole but yet people still buy his music i think it would be a banger is Tech and Kayne did a collab.

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    kanye west is a fuckin homo aond hes a terrible rapper someone needs to feed him spoonfulls of human shit on a daily basis, fuck kanye

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    I like kanye music but he is sick. like in the head.

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    Hell yeah i always thought they should collab because they have similarities to what inspires them to write music cant wait its going to be a killer and im sure its going to happen once Kanye bumps Show me a God.

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    GOD!!! tech will be collabing with alot of whack motherfuckas now that hes getting famous. kanye is whack, lil wayne is whack, wocka flocka is whack, these threads shouldnt exist. the collabs should exist either, but they are going to. i dont know where im goin with this, but i wana punch the thread creator in the mouth. fuck kanye!

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    grow up dude

    Quote Originally Posted by CJsiccness
    kanye west is a fuckin homo aond hes a terrible rapper someone needs to feed him spoonfulls of human shit on a daily basis, fuck kanye

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    some tech fans are the biggest haters idk why maybe its those damn juggalos that just want dark shit. but kanyes new cd is pretty dope if you havent heard

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    That be sick.. I'm not a huge kanye Fan, I personally like him better on remixes. Like tell me when to go n dueces

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