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Thread: Ridiculously Long Remix Tracks

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    Ridiculously Long Remix Tracks

    Unfortunately my ex-friend burned a CD with a remix (42:19) of "Lil Wayne - A Millie" with a bunch of MC's on it...I lost 15mins of my life. It got ugly after Weezy. Look at some DJ Khaled songs, with 30 artists in 5mins lol (exaggerating). We (my alters) think Strange's Roster or 816 Boyz Featuring... should do a N9ne+ minute remix or original song or maybe ONE track for a 69 minute album. Like fusing 16 tracks together or something ridonkulous:] I know they could pull it off, it would be huge. Strange Music Anthem ;] Anyways, I'm looking for opinions on (Artists, Producers) for the track or whether its horrible or good idea. My thought on it is to drop kick the industry in the teeth. It might be stupid, it might be smart, what are your thoughts...let the criticism start.Ross Five-Dumbing up conversations since 1999. :]

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    hmmm, in my opinion people lose intrest when the tracks are over a certain amount of time

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    one blood mega remix.. 11 min aNd its raw as fuck

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