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Thread: Tech N9ne Blog: Throwback: Tech N9ne's Favorite Horror Movies

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    Tech N9ne Blog: Throwback: Tech N9ne's Favorite Horror Movies

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    i own all of those

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    Well, Well.....LoL friday the 13th V, I had to have that like I had to get Nightmare on Elm Street 3 The dream warriors, I mean using someone tendons in they're forearms as puppet strings...ic...Fridat the 13th 5, when dude w/ the Jheri curl on the toilet, singing w/ his gal Oooooh Baby, Oooooo baby, then thee machete- aw man I wanna crack up laughin RT now, and yeah when dudley left that white lady in the woods, and took off....true nigga shit bitch I am gone! Anywho what about ICHI THE KILLER, AUDITION, IRREVERSIBLE,if you can stomach it almost forgot old boy , its horror depending on how u looked at it...those TARTAN asian extreme movies are sumptin' else! Oh yeah LADY VENGENCE true fuckin' sickness sometimes its more beautiful when a woman cuts muthafuckas up, I own it, give it up for the sick women!!!

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