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Thread: tech n9ne+lil wayne=? (godnessithink)

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    tech n9ne+lil wayne=? (godnessithink)

    tech nine and lil wayne would be the best rap in the world!! ok TECH NINE KRIZZ KALIKO LIL WAYNE AND DRAKE WOULD BE REDICOULS SO THATS WHAT THEY NEED TO DO, FUCK YOU HATERS

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    your fucking gay for even thinking lil wayne and drake are good KILL YOUR SELF

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    gtfo with that garbage, wayne & drake are pathetic. To even consider them to be the best is preposterous.

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    thats like saying Kriss Kross & New Kids On The Block would be the most deadly colabo ever

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    Lil Wayne looks like a fucking mole rat with dreads

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    kill yourself

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    and Drake needs to get back in that wheel chair and roll his ass back to degrassi high

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    Drake is annoying as shit hes hella monotone his hooks are long as fuck and not catchy i liked him at first but his got old fast

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    troll fail, kill yourself.

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