interesting you chose to use purple and yellow
you bout as geeky as steve earkel damn mellow
you really wanna act tough with no cred to back it
and all these fruity ass colors in the sig your attaching
i know that your gay because you love a good bashing
i haven't beat you enough yet so i'm above you thrashing
with these same abusive lines that ill rape you with
beat your ass so bad you'll be reminded when you take a shit
i could spit a thousand bars on the subject of your incompetence
but a thousand words wouldnt do justice to my confidence
look i'm tired of cold shouldering bullying and rolling over you
so why you still boldly pulling me solely into scolding you
i'm no homo i just have a fascination with breaking other men
it's nothing big to me just know your dignity will be taken in the end
so quit while your behind butt still alive so you can salvage it
cuz i am only beginning to thrive you no survive spittin that average shit