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Thread: The DAAM/CHS and MANN story thus far....

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    The DAAM/CHS and MANN story thus far....

    Pretty sure its brotha lynch hung hanging out with dead bodies in his basment the whole time. He thinks they are all real (The side characters.) but in reallity he just has a shit load of dead people talking to him and he cant figure out who is real and who is fake

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    i dont think he is being controlled by her..I think the bitch fell for his crazy ass and he took her under his wing to get more victims..The Hang..i believe sooner or later is Lynch thinking about killing her cuz she knows too much already..Also he is killing to get money for some hamburger meat lol

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    This is what I got from Dinner and a Movie.

    It all starts off by Lynch being interrogated by two detectives. Mann then goes on to explain what he did to the detectives in "Colostomy bag" and when the cops got there it was "D.O.A.".

    I believe the story then goes back in time starting the past by Lynch getting a angry call. The police are apparently on his trail and whoever that is in "Fucc Off" is done explaining shit to Trav. Then Mann goes on to explain yet another murder in "Sit In That Corner Bitch" and he leaves the body somewhere in the streets connecting to the next skit "I Know Who Did Dis".

    Then in the next couple of songs he goes on to explain some of his personal problems. In "Murder Over Hard" he's saying he can't help but love to murder, "G" skit is there, "I Tried To Commit Suicide" is self explanatory and "Split Personality" is also self explanatory. Then he goes on to explain a problem that's not psychological in "Meat", which is him being poor.

    Moving on to "Siccem" and "Don't Worry Momma It's Bleeding" he's basically saying he'll murder you.

    Then in "Police Is Here! Ama Hit U Bacc" he's going back to the police being on his trail and now there just harassing him. But in "I Plotted (My Next Murder)" and "Nutbagg" Lynch is getting the last laugh because they can't catch him and he's truly a sicko that needs to be off the streets.

    Now in the "Highspeed" skit there really on his trail but can't seem to catch him even though he wrecks his car.

    In the next two songs "I Heard That Song B 4" and "I Hate When Niggaz Get On The Phone When There Around Me" he's explaining things that anger him. Which then may have led to another murder which he goes on and explains in "Anotha Killin'".

    Then there finally able to catch him recording at a studio in "Ama Catch Up". They have a little shoot out and Mann's able to wound one of the detectives but eventually gives in.

    In the last skit "We Played You Like A Violin" its revealed to you that one of the detectives has been secretly letting Lynch off for years. This explains him willingly explaining some of his crimes in the beginning of the album. But the crooked detective plays it off and blames the prosecuting. Which brings us to the aftermath of the "Interrogation" which is "The Coathanga Strangla" album.

    PS: I don't believe the therapist played a big roll in "Dinner and a Movie".

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    This is what I got from The Coathanga Strangla.

    "Working Late" kicks off the album with a women with some bite wounds I guess running from Lynch I assume. She runs into the therapists house, by coincidence, maybe. Then "The Coathanga" starts and I assume he continues murdering the girl from the "Working Late" skit. "Mannibalector" plays and he's still messing with that poor women in the first skit. This women finally dies which brings us to the "Look What I Did" skit connected to "Look Its a Dead Body".

    Now "Sooner or Later" comes on and I think you guys are right with him talking about the therapist. Being that the therapist was there for that women's murder in the beginning of the album because the murder took place in her house.

    "Fucc Off Again", that guy is still pissed.

    Just like in "Dinner and a Movie" Lynch goes on to explain some personal problems. "Suicide Watch" he's still depressed like in "I Tried To Commit Suicide". In "Spit It Out" he's saying he just has to tell someone his problems which explains the therapist. "Red Dead Bodies" just like "Murder Over Hard" he still has his wacko fetish which he yet again lets you know in "Blinded by Desire". Then in "Friday Night" he apparently feels you don't get that he likes to murder and reminds you again.

    "The Visit" lets you know the cops are still bugging him.

    "I C U" lets you know that's not stopping him and he's gonna continue to butcher people.

    He then goes to talk about more of his personal problems in "I'm Not Perfect", "I Don't Think My Momma Ever Loved Me", "Eating Fingers" and "Therapy Sessions". All pretty self explanatory.

    Then this next song "It Happens" seems to recap all the events that happened up to now.

    In "Takin' Online Orders" it would appear that he kills his therapist at the end being that shes a witness and he says "No witnesses bitch" and you hear the gun fire. Then the "Outro" plays and it would appear that Lynch needs someone else to talk to. Him having no one to talk to is gonna drive me off the deep end which brings us to "Mannibalector".

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    Shane is cool. I honestly didn't know WTF was going on and thought i'd listen too all 3 when Maanibal drops and than it might dawn on me. But nice interpretation so far!

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    Damn Shane. Or should I say DAAM Shane. You got this shit down. Thank you, that helped us all.

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    I don't care enough to follow the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ??? ?

    I don't care enough to follow the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ605

    Quote Originally Posted by ??? ?

    I don't care enough to follow the story.

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    Shane I think is dead on with most of it, but I feel that on DAAM the interrogation was him explaining what he did up to that point.

    Also I thought Takin' Online Orders was literally him doing orders online to kill people, implied by his ad libs, and he killed the person at the end who requested Lynch to do his thing, but with the outro thing I suppose it's possible Shane's right. I wonder how much he'll get the Strange crew in the plotline if he's having references to Tech and Trav

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