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Thread: did techs mother pass away?

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    did techs mother pass away?

    hteres been lots of rumors and ive never really seen anyhting stating it, although in seepage he calls his mother his andgel then he say his angle in a tweet he posted something along the lines of "what my mamma gonna think when she reads that in the newspaper" confused.

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    Which the article shouldn't have even been printed. The author didn't even listen to the song before they started to slander Tech's name.

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    in seepage he says his angel is dying. sorry Tech

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    i think in context of when he said his angel is dying was when Pimp got happy about some dark music, and Tech followed up the tweet that said his mom was back in the ward with something like 'thanks to the fans for the positive energy' or w.e. coz that was probably around the time he was in Paris right? i might be wrong but that's my guess

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