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Thread: Craig Smith's Mace Windu Project

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    Craig Smith's Mace Windu Project

    does anyone have a download for it and not a zip version of it like the iamcraigsmith website cuz my laptop is being gay so if u have individual songs it would be appreciated also a tracklist would be great

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    Either your Computer sucks, or you suck at using it. Can't open zip files? lol Do you have a proper program to open Zip and RAR files, like WinRAR?

    Anywhoo, here is the track list. I'm not gonna upload every song 1 by 1., my upload speeds suck

    01 The Answer
    02 House Call
    03 Lovin Me
    04 Terminator
    05 American Dream
    06 Moves
    07 Rocket Man
    08 The Weekend
    09 Work

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    LOL its my computer i usually download rar files easlily but the last few days its been acting mad homo

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    can someone gimme the downloads for lovin me,terminator,moves,rocketman kthx

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