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Thread: some collabo ideas

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    some collabo ideas

    yo tech i kno ur all about infecting the world with ur mind, n im bout it too def, #1 serj tankian (formerly of system of a down) to me, both yalls voices say to me entertaining and alot of the music world agree. the speed you could both incorporate into music and ur as well would mesh wonderfully u kno. what would be the chance of that happenin? also i was thinkin u n ludacris would sound wickid good together. cant wait for that boy weezy to mix it up wit u cuz then the world will have some real exposure into the mind of tech n9ne. mad love my boy keep it STRAAAAAANGE!

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    he doesn't give a fuck about ur collab suggestions.
    when he finds a beat that he feels some1 can rip he'll collab with them

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