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Thread: All 6's & 7's

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    All 6's & 7's

    Would you consider making All 6's & 7's a Double Disc album, one disc the 6's and one disc the 7's? If so, how could I get on it lol??

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    Double Disk would be dope

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    quadruple disc would be alot cooler.. think about it tech =D lol

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    No an octuple disc album would be cooler.

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    infinity times infinity disc. i win

    Quote Originally Posted by OP-8
    No an octuple disc album would be cooler.

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    a triple disc, the king, the clown, & the G. for the true techNitions.

    but the credicts where funky wit killer becuz killer was Too much. for em'.

    an also he said never will he do a complete dark cd. an plus it would take away from the concept 6's and 7's mixed feelings

    confusion an disarray. an accomplished & blissfulness

    i just got an idea for a thread, follow me...

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    i know what he's gonna drop is gonna blow us away, a double disk would be great
    but anything is a bonus

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