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Thread: Our Secret

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    Our Secret

    Everyone go to the blog and read the story. For all you haters.the end.

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    i tell people my dirty little secret all the time :}, lmfao

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    Yeah I read the blog post, but I personally feel hes just trying to change peoples minds and that he wants us to pretend that there is no important difference into why some music gets played on the radio and why some don't.

    So to sum it up now if he doesn't try hard to straight KILL it on the up and comming future Lil Wayne track I'll then feel almost certian that hes trying to conjure up a mainstream version of Tech..

    I mean I could see why Tech would do that, however at the sametime I feel like its just going to make things worse for the real him because the industry isn't going to just take mainstream Tech as bait and then be hooked all of a sudden to the point to where ANYTHING Tech makes gets to be on the radio..

    Thus the idea of seducing the radio/industry like this would more than likely be a flop and he'll just had become something else garbage just to atempt to sneek into the mainstream and then try to open up and spread the virus..

    But again I don't think there is a point of possibly seducing the industry/radio really I mean even as much as Eminem can be on the radio almost whenever he wishes. A lot of his songs never got any true love because they were denied by the radio/industry even when they only needed a bit of editing in order for play.

    So yeah if he doesn't kill it in the up and comming Lil Wayne song I'll lose a lot of respect..

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