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Thread: What Tech Means To Me...Tech, I hope you read this.

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    What Tech Means To Me...Tech, I hope you read this.

    So, i just read this blog post that had to do with how Tech fans have been in a state of unrest. This got me to thinking about what T9 means to me.

    I am a T9 fan for one reason, his music.

    These people who bitch and complain that tech is going mainstream and that he is betraying his fan are he exact same people who are the reason for tabloid press and reality tv. They are the people who are concearned with the popularity to other people of a particular artist ect. ect. I am a huge music fan, in general, my itunes literally has 400,000 songs on it from tech, to frank sinatra to ynwie malmsteen to Judas Priest. Why is tech there? Because he makes music that i enjoy listening to. What T9 does for us as fan is to be applauded because we are literally spoiled out of our minds with the sheer amount of music he puts out. Not to mention his amazing shows, talent-heavy cohorts i.e. Kali, Kutty Scoob, his tremendous eye for talent ( Stevie Stone, Phenom) and his accessibilty as an individual( If you holler @ T9 outside a show, he's gonna say whats crackin back). The dude is a supremely talented, generous, over-achieving muscian. ( who knows how to rock a pair of J's)

    Tech, if you read this man, im a portlander who hs been rocked every time you've come through. I didnt listen to any of your music until i was freshman in college and have been hooked ever since due to all of the afor mentioned reasons. All I ask is one thing, make music the way you want, becaue you have no let me down yet. You are without equal as a musician. If people, like those so called "fans" dont like it, you can tell them like you told em on everyready disc 2, suk mi pic ( naw fuck that over there shit) you can suck my dick.

    Fans of T9 music rejoice, cuz he i still here better than ever, be thankful that we havn't lost him like Pac and BIG

    To all you salties, Fuck You and go bitch and moan on some other site where i don't have to see your studid fucking post. This site is for Tech Fans.

    Tech, Holler if you need a PR guy, Tech Does Tech and FUCK all the REST. ALUCARD


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    I completely agree

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