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Thread: kredulous should be with strange music!

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    kredulous should be with strange music!

    How many of yall remember kredulous' album from 2008 called tears of an angel? That was one of the best cds ive ever purchased and it was amazing. if you havnt heard the sone "wild" featuring tech n9ne it will blow you away! I just dont know why tech hasnt signed him with strange music. that would be incredible!

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    Are you fucking with us?

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    Kredulous is dope as hell! He has done like 4 albums all by himself. I dont see him fitting in with strange though. I think he is signed with Skyline Records?? Working with Icy Roc and Tekneko. He has a unique sound and one of the best Rap voices out there!

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    Yeah! he's got a good voice for rap. i would like to hear some with Tech.

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    (also, i dont like his dmx voice)

    Quote Originally Posted by steven crow
    ur mom should be with strange music

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    I Still think its dope. "Wild" is a damn good track. Kredulous is a dope rapper, but not a good fit for strange.

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    Does anyone have the link to that song?

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    you can find it on youtube or on itunes if you want to buy the song

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    kred is the shyt! he brings it on tracks that feature him too! goes hard! he needs to be on a bigger label!

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    I should be on Strange Music

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