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Thread: Lil Flip Mentions Tech N9ne

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    Lil Flip Mentions Tech N9ne 29 second mark dont know if anyone checked it its from the new Lil Flip mixtape

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    I used to date this chick who was a waitress up n kc at a ihop a couple years back n she would always tell everyone how she waited on tech n flip....

    Totally irelevant I know jus never seen a lil flip n tech discussion.

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    i wasent even gonna check it out, but then i listned and didnt pay attention till i heard him say tech n9ne then paint my face like tech n9ne i was like damn

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    Man Undaground Legend was the shit, but Flip isn't as good anymore. It's a shame he sounds like that now.

    ic Flip and Koopa:

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    thats cou haha

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    The song kinda sucked...but cool he mentioned Tech Lol

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    man i used to be huge into the Texas music before mike jones paul wall slim thug Cham 50 50 twin got famous. now i dont listen to them as much as i used to. l listen to a mike jones track and im like damn that who mike jones who mike jones is aggravating.

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    Yeah all i ever listned to back in the 2000's was Texas rap and down south gutter music, but just a cool find i found last person i ever expected to shout tech out on a track besides paul wall

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    No surprise Lil Flip brought up Tech. Lately he's been working with Hawke, who of course used to do the promo and run street teams @ Strange.

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    thats cool to see and hear that tho

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