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Thread: Skullcandy vs Sony...

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    Skullcandy vs Sony...

    Im gona get some headphones here pretty soon and I'm stuck between the new Sony PllQ and the Skullcandy Hesh headphones. there both 50 bucks at best buy.

    Does anybody have either of these? What would you recomend?

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    man i think the tech n9ne earphones are the shit man. i dont know much about the sony or skull candy earphones

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    it would be nice if the apple store had all those damn headphones set up where i could of sampled them when i was there.. i hate just blindly buying earphones and only going by what people say about them

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold
    I hate Skullcandy headphones. I bought some over the ear headphones that didnt sound that great and, when I wore them at work, they would sometimes shock me. Sonys better quality but for better quality, I recommend either Bose or Koss. Theyre a little more expensive but they give a better sound and theyll last longer. But if youre stuck on those two headphones, I would definitely recommend Sony over Skull.

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    there both terrible, BEATS BY DR. DRE

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    Don't get Bose they are horrible get klipsch or sennhieser

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    I love skull candy buds. They don't cost much and they get the job done

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    best earbuds ive ever owned. bought 2 pairs i liked em so much

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    Neither. Razor buds are the shit. ive had them for 2 years. dropped them on the ground and didint know it outside, it rained, didint find them till the ext morning and they still fucking work perfect. has a nice bit of bass in them too.

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    1. im lookin at over the ear. I already have some good buds, but want somethin for bus rides during bball season.
    2. I'm definately not paying over like 70 bucks haha, so that puts the dre's and bose out of the pic for me.

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    OR...maybe I just dont have 300 dollars to spend on fucking headphones....

    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin Smith
    You're stupid!
    Spending $50-$100 on headphonez cuz they look cool? I know you dont care about sound quality, cuz you wouldnt even be considering skullcandy, etc.
    Skullcandy, sony, apple dont do shit for sound quality! No commercial set of headphones has good sound quality
    Thats like buyin a car cuz its blue, and looks cool! NO tahts like buyin $900 spinner rimz for your cool lookin blu car.
    How bout spending that much on sum audio-technica, Dre, Bose, Infinite, or audio-technica(get the hint).

    My gf actually collect headphonez and stuff and haz about 150 sets. So I can safely say, headphonez are a waste of money when your buyin for stupid reasonz. How can anyone consider buying apple or skullcandy unless you just wanna look cool to other ppl. Its like gettin spinnerz on your car, you cant see them when your in your car. You cant see your headphonez one they are on your head, so you just care about what other ppl think when they say them... SHALLOW! think for yourselvez kidz.

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