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Thread: Old Eminem Verse O_o hella different flow

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    Old Eminem Verse O_o hella different flow

    old verse from em in 1992, kinda sounds like a young twista :\
    at first i didnt think it was em, but after reading the top rated comments it changed my mind.

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    damn dude thats crazy, oldschool for sure

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    yeah, Em has changed his flow up various times. On Infinite he sounds like he has a conversational flow like Nas/AZ. During the Slim Shady LP time period he sounded kinda nasely and high pitched w/ tons of ad libs, then around MM LP/ Eminem Show, it was alittle slower and angry sounding, now it's still the angry sound but faster.

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    I can't really understand him........Lol.

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    Pretty terrible.

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    Sounds nothing like Eminem to me, and I dont just mean the , the voice doesnt sound like Em.

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