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Thread: do it for tech!!!

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    do it for tech!!!

    So finding out that the mixtape is cancelled cuz of shit bein said about us techn9icians, and this whole Tech and lil wayne collab argument, i think we should all just let tech do what he does and stop bitching about stupid shit Tech and Wayne are gonna collab no matter what we say so enough with the negative shit and who cares what whoo kid said about us bein white trash atleast he said he wanted our fan basewhat im tryin to say is lets jus help tech do what he needs to do to take over the industry
    he doesnt wanna hear us dissin on wayne or flippin out cuz fuckin whoo kid called us trash
    he needs our support and if hes not gettin that we dont get the dope music!!
    so stop the shit and lets give tech the support he needs so we can have music!

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    dj whoo kid? huh? oh wait what, this is still topic of discussion? ffs.

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    time for another repeated thread to get about another 30+ comments aout the same shit being talked about for how many months?

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    tech can say it himself and for that matter you don't need to post this, just saying

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    you said it !

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    Tech do wat ever u think is best for u homie

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    God sometimes it's sickening that some of these people are all over Techs nuttz. It's lame.

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    THANK YOU! ive been saying this since we found out bout the wayne collab! lol

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    It really seems like some of Techs fans are starting to cause problems for Tech. If they don't like something they really go out of their way to start up some shit. First they bashed Tech for the idea of a Wayne collab. Then they bashed Tech for The Gates Mixplate. And now they went after Dj Whoo Kid. If this keeps up things are only gonna get worse for Tech. No offense but people need to grow the fuck up!!

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