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Thread: Tech N9ne & Young Jeezy

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    Tech N9ne & Young Jeezy

    So, On Tha XXL Ustream Interview I Meantioned A Collaboration Between Tech & Young Jeezy. His Response Was "I've Never Thought About That."
    Does Anyone Besides Me Think That An Amazin Rapper Such As Jeezy & An Amazin Rapper With Some Of Tha Greatest Lyrical Abilities Of All Time (Obviously Tech Nina) Should Do A Collabo?

    I Think It Would Be Different To Here A Midwest & A Dirty South Collabo.

    Tech Has Always Been About Standing Out And Being Unique, So This Would Really Make It Unique.

    Just A Thought.

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    I think it wud b a good collab

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    i think it would be a dope collab, but young jeezy 2 me is not an amazing rapper.

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    i wanan see a dirty south or a z-ro type collab with tech for sure

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    if he gonna collab wit someone from he souths its gotta be lil keke or chamillionaire.. jeezy wouldnt be bad tho..

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    SPM and Tech N9ne

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