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Thread: Crazy shit

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    Crazy shit

    Tech and technitions... I was at the Mesa Ampitheatre/ The Marquee Theater <-- I saw Tech live twice there. One of the concerts I was high as fuck and snuck joints in there in my wallet. Anywho, I waited outside after the show in hopes of a autograph. The Strange Tour bus was there. After what seemed like an hour Tech and Krizz came out of their tour bus. There was a line of maybe like 15 or 20 people. I waited and I brought a rap I wrote.Basically, most had CDs for him to sign.When I got up to him I was high and kinda down and I wanted to say "ALL HAIL TO THE N9NE!" LOL. I thought it would be funny and apropriate but I didnt have the balls.Anyhow... Tech sorta hesitated it seemed and was thinkin a bit... prolly cause I seemed odd haha. Well, I gave him the rap entitled "Bless Him" and Krizz said, is this for him? I hesitate because I wrote it with the intent of giving it to Tech, but I realized it was the best rap I had done and I was trying to be a rapper. So... basically Krizz skimmed over it I think... That was a little out of a order but... Tech decided to sign the 10 page rap I wrote with "MUCH LOVE" TEK 9!...He said "Where would I be without the fans?" Anywho... "show me a God I'm kinda feelin like it is a facade, please, let me know something is listening when I'm down on my knees"I was thinkin this might give Tech something good.Peace out, was good times.===I was elgoom on the forums long ago, I talked with some member named Tech10n or somethin... Some of you might remember me... you hated me and said I ruined Tech N9ne for you. Sorry about that, but I was feelin Tech's Music.Btw... I was in the crowd with my hand up shakin it... and Tech saw it ... I know he did... he had a curious look on his face.I am not here to say a ghost or something supernatural exits. But hope exists and it floats and there is providence.TECH N9NE!My real name is Jason Lee McQueen. I had seizures up till 12 yrs old. My birthday is November 10, 1982. I turn 28 today at sometime, not sure what time I was born.Whatch ya'll know about this huh? WUTCH YA'LL KNOW ABOUT THIS? TECH N9NE!!! "THE COMPLETE TECHNIQUE"

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    i must be stupid cuz i dont understand anything your trying to say

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    Cool story

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    you wrote a verse for tech?

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    you're not the only one

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve
    i must be stupid cuz i dont understand anything your trying to say

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    i thought i was the only one.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    you're not the only one

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve
    i must be stupid cuz i dont understand anything your trying to say

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    idk what just happened...what i have in my mind is something i hope didnt happen...but word on writin and pursuing what you want

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    cool story bro. who gives a fuck get a life

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