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Thread: tech n9ne movie

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    tech n9ne movie

    i read the thing on tech's blog about him in ovies and it said what do you think, i think he should do a bio like get rich or die tryin'

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    I cant think of anything more i'd want.. then a movie based on tech n9ne's life..
    but twizzy is right. he ant there yet.. but when he does get there.. it will be one hell of a story!

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    that would be one hell of a movie lol

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    Gotta wait a while. Until he retires I think.

    Anyone see Joe Vertigo is releasing a book next year? Supposed to be a tell all. Looks real good

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    Honstly I think Techs there now I mean Think about it he started in the underground and stayed there so long but yet he was workin with big cats while he was still underground then he finally got a mtv woody award, been on mtv2 sucka free, hes been on BET, hes on woo kids mixtape, hes got wayne wanting to do a song with him on his and on waynes cd's right now would be a good time for him to make a movie I think

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