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Thread: Happy Birthday Tech and how I became a Tech fan

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    Happy Birthday Tech and how I became a Tech fan

    Well, I will make this short and simple. I had been thrown to the curve by a girlfriend that I thought the world of. It happened out of nowhere and caught me off guard, I was pretty devistated. No music, movie or hobby could take my mind off of my pain. My older brother told me to listen to this guy named Tech "Nine" at the time, I quickly learned that it was spelled "Tech N9ne" when i searched. He told me to listen to " I Love You But Fuck You" and I was amazed in how much I enjoyed listening to music again. The more I listened the bigger the fan I became.....and it has been growing ever since.....Happy Birthday Tech. I know you are drunk on a Monday even though you said you only drink hard liquor on Saturdays now lol

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    for me Tech was cemented in my favorites forever when i heard the song 'Im a Playa' cuz of the wolfgang reference i went and bought Absolute Power the next day his lyrics were just too good to pass up hahahahah

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    Happy B-Day Tech !! I got introduced to Tech N9ne back when I was in High School, a good friend who listened to alot of psychopathic shit told me to check out Tech N9ne and said that people are sleepin on him and he'd blow up sooner or later. When I first heard God Complex, that shit blew my mind.

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