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Thread: Love the way you lie part 2

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    Love the way you lie part 2

    Hey guys theres a 'love the way you lie part 2' CHECK IT OUT!

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    its not good. worst sequel to a song way to ruin it em and rhianna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon Ogden
    its not good. worst sequel to a song way to ruin it em and rhianna.

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    Decent, but no where close to the original's potential.

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    i like it. i think its just as good as the original its just switched instead of rihanna only having a few parts em does

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    song is tight as hell i love it. em of course kills it, rhianna sounds a lil weird to me but her lyrics r good and deep. i think it was a great sequel to the song, only the chorus is a lil too up beat for the meaning of the song imo.

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    in my opinion terrible song.

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    i really like it

    doesnt beat the first one but it completes the story

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