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Thread: G-Mo Skee - FiLTHMAS 2 (NEW official music video)

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    G-Mo Skee - FiLTHMAS 2 (NEW official music video)

    I made this as a gift to all of my fans....its truly epic!

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    GMO; you did it again. Good job, keep it up!

    Yours and Jarren Benton's of storytelling plus comedy, plus movie & video game references, and A LOT of filth (specifically you; but Jarren does say some clever/crazy shit too) are fuckin' awesome (not saying you two are the same, but both you niggas make some COOL music). Props.

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    Thanks man! I know what you mean, Jarren actually hit me up about a collab and i performed with Funk Volume twice in the bay

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