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Thread: "N" word...

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    "N" word...

    what with white people saying "nigga" on here?? you listen 2 tech and think u got a pass?? please explain yourself...

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    It's ignorant people like you that still give the word power. It is a played out word and no one should be crying over it in 2010. It only has power when people give it power. Ignore it and move on.

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    I don't really use that word at all just when I am joking around with my friends, but at the k.o.d tour i met met glasses Malone and he said that after I heard him rap he said I would say "Damn who the fuck was that nigga" and he said I would use that word too. If you are not a white supremacist and you are not using it to offend any one I figure it is perfectly fine to say in this day and age.

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    Come on now dawg this aint slave times anymore its fuckin 2010 its a damn word plus it aint even with the *er* at the end

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    shut up nigger

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    I don't even use the word but...

    The term "nigger" originally meant criminal, lowlife, etc. Over time it became a term used solely when describing Africans.

    The term "nigga" started as a way for African-Americans to turn a term of hatred into a term of endearment. The word "nigger" would never, ever go away, so why not take the hatred out of the term?

    Regardless of all of that, the word is simply a word. As Bryden said, it only has the power and meaning that you give it. I can call my girlfriend or any female friend a bitch, and 100% of the time they are not offended. Why? Because both sides recognize that there is no ill-will behind my use of the word. Same logic, I'm a white dude with dreadlocks. I am very used to hearing myself called "dread, dreadlock, Rasta, etc." I'm never offended because it's typically not offensive, to be simple. But when I was arrested and the skinhead cop kept calling "dreadlocks", I took offense to that. He knew my name, he had my ID. He was referring to me as "dreadlocks" in a way that conveyed a negative feeling toward me.

    Honestly it sounds cliche, but there truly is a HUGE difference between niggER and niggA, I don't care who says otherwise.

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    In all honesty, I use "nigga" sometimes. Even with my black homies, they don't care. It's a word that people themselfs are overrating. Big Scoob said it to, "when I say nigga, I don't just mean my black fella's, its everyone". We are past all the shit that happened in the past. It's time to take the offensive power out of "nigger" and make it a word that represents a different and positive meaning. Yaddamean ma niggaz lol

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    Nigga I'mma say nigga all day nigga cause thats jus how I do it nigga. Know what I'm sayin nigga?

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    This nigga right here though...

    Quote Originally Posted by Techn9cian4life
    Nigga I'mma say nigga all day nigga cause thats jus how I do it nigga. Know what I'm sayin nigga?

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    shut up nigga

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