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Thread: Shout outs on Alucard

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    Shout outs on Alucard

    You hear Tech mention Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Nas, etc. at end of Alucard song most likely referring to how long they've been around and still continue to put out music which pretty much relays Tech's message of his longevity. But I don't know who he says after Outkast when it fades out. I read on another thread 'Uncle Luke' but everyone else he mentioned I know of and agree on how long they've been around. I googled Uncle Luke and saw his last hit was in '96 so I don't see how he'd fall on that list. Lemme know if any one has a better understanding.

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    yeah im curious too. i cant understand what hes saying

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    his tweet says uncle luke was the last one, bun b was next

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    I could have understood Bun B more so than Uncle Luke. I def think Bun should be on it, him and Kutt were supposed to collab together but sometimes things don't work out all the way. I guess Uncle Luke was part of 2 Live Crew and did Raise the Roof. I'd think they fell in same boat as Run DMC or Naughty by Nature tho.

    Quote Originally Posted by sean diego
    his tweet says uncle luke was the last one, bun b was next

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    Its an allusion to another song I'm pretty sure, it might just be that a different song has something similar to the outro of this song though.

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