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Thread: Welcome to the Midw...err Grotto?

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    Welcome to the Midw...err Grotto?

    So I came across some Italian restaurant's website and...well, listen for yourselves. Pretty awesome to hear the origins of some of Tech's music.

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    Yeah, saw this a lil while ago. Nice song, btw.

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    Gotta remember Tech is influenced by a lot of different music, and there are a lot of songs that are like this that sample from old music. I can't think of all of them off the top of my head by I know for sure "I'm a Playa", "O.G.", and "Einstein" are all songs sampled from old music. Oh and I did some quick searching to find what this actual song is:

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    thats fuCkin dope!! haha.

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    sway by dean martin

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