Islam believes in "genies" aka "jinn" who co-exist with humans and were 1 of the 3 creations by god (humans, angels, jinn). Islam says jinn co-exist with humans in a different dimension. Any sights of jinn are irregularities in the co-existance of the dimensions.Christianity has a slightly similiar believe in "demons" but there all evil and entice humans to lose faith in god.I may be wrong but i think thats how the religons percieve them.Tech has influences from both these religons so he's probably looking for the existence of that supernatural being (spirit, demon, jinn, demon etc). which in return will give him proof that the other exist i.e. angels and god, as it says in the religonsMy background is Islam and also hope one day to find that sign that proves the existence of a higher power.

You could say everyone looks for that proof of existence. Some express it more then other which is prossibly affected by the strength of the belief and problems that have occured in peoples lifes.