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Thread: King & the prince!

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    King & the prince!

    Yo this I just something that I thought would be badass. A collabos with tech and ozzy osborn. The king of darkness tech n9ne and the prince of darkness ozzy ozborn. They are two completly different sounds but that's what tech is all about being different with everything he does. Tell me what y'all think about it. Yay or nay

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    that would be sick as hell if they fetured him on the kabosh album

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    hell fucking ya.

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    This would be an epic collab. I'm still wanting Tech to do something with Korn, Disturbed or Slipknot/Stone Sour. But that might be just me, hahaha.

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    Would be cool. And i wouldn't find it that odd, since Ozzy has Collaborated with Busta Rhymes.

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    yea, this would be dope!

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