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Thread: When will Strange sign C-Lim?????

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    When will Strange sign C-Lim?????

    Yo Tech Im a big fan of strange music and all of the artist and collabos that yall have worked with, but when u was down here in Denver Colorado in June 5th for the Strange Days Tour, I was really feeling C-Lim and I was wondering when he was gonna be signed to Strange. I think that C-Lim would fit in perfect with Strange, I mean he was a killer on Lynch's Diner and a Movie album. I hope to see him signed soon cuz i feel like this cat is gonna rip up the scene sooner or later. But I hope its WITH STRANGE!!!! Much love out to C-Lim and I hope like i said I hope to see this homie signed to strange soon, today, now!!!!!

    Much Love to all of you at Strange Music!!!!

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    probably never

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    what are some good c-lim songs besides his shit on dinner and a movie i aint heard shit else

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