Official Tracklist Prospekt D.N.A Ent and Usual Suspects Ent.

Treble N Bass( Trust No Bitch) Records


No Crosses CountArriving March 2013

1. Prospekt Ft. Hard Target: Lost & Found2. Prospekt Ft. Deci: I Could Teach You3. Prospekt ft. Gemstar: Spaced Out4. Prospekt Ft. Laze Tha Kid: Faded5. Prospekt Ft. Diego and Yung C: Losin They Mind 6. Prospekt Need Some Sleep7. Prospekt ft Yungswagstar: Hate Me Now8. Prospekt Im Original 9. Prospekt Ft. Yc and Beretta: Everytime The Beat Drop 10. Prospekt Ft. Cha Da Thowd: Believe In Me 11. Prospekt Mirror Mirror12. Prospekt Versatyle 13. Prospekt On That Trippy Shit( She On That Molly)14. Prospekt Dark Memories

Also 4 Bonus songs picked by the fans! I'm going to do 4 remixes of whatever songs ya'll choose.